Escape the Universe: Digital Platform

A multi-platform group exhibition 

Archival digital exhibition 

Artists: Meet the Artist
Joshua Duttweiler

Kristen Mallia
Nina Miller
David Snyder 
Devin Wilson
Sizhi Zou

Curated by Devin Wilson

Devin Wilson

Blueprint Models, 2020

Digital Drafts

8x10 in

David Snyder

2CNi module: PDF of the incomprehensible instructional poster for Fabrication and Installation, 2020

Digital file of the drawing

Sizhi Zou

VR Exhibition: Mindful Meditation, 2020

Single-channel Video

Kristen Mallia

Self, 2020

Single-channel Video

1080 x 1920

“self” (2020) — is a series of digital self-portraits that explore themes of identity, performance, and place. Layers of digital illustration and alteration act as costume, resulting in a performative portrait that merges into the Icelandic landscape.

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